Google Cloud FTP Setup with FileZilla

How to setup an FTP client to manage our Koha's files on Google Cloud platform. for this lets use Filezilla as our FTP client and we also be using putty as our SSH key generator. So before getting started we have to install both Filezilla and Putty key Generator.

Step: 1

Go to Putty key Generator dashboard and click the Generate button, This will generate our SSH Key Pair, So, click generate button and wait 15 seconds. It will generate key file. You will get a public key and also have a private key, both we have to save into our desktop.

Step: 2

You have to copy the text and save the private key a swell. ( you can save the private key with a password--optional). Just download the private key and name it like putty-pvt-key

Step: 3

Go to Google cloud platform dashboard again---- Main menu --- Compute Engine -- Meta data -- SSH Keys (there will be showing all the existing SSH Keys) --click Edit button ---Add item -- paste the text just copied from the last step and save it.

Step: 4

Go back to filezilla -- Edit -- Settings -- SFTP -- Add a Key file --(You have to add the "putty-pvt-key" that we have just saved earlier)

Step: 5

Go back to Google Cloud Platform again -- Compute Engine -- VM Instance --(choose your koha instance) and copy the external IP address.

Go back to filezilla -- type sftp:// (Your external IP ) at the [Host column]

Username -- (Go back to Putty Generator and copy the text from the key comment field) this is your username paste it at filezilla Username. then click Quickconnect. You will be get connected to your Google cloud platform server instance. that's it... Now you can transfer any file to your server by just click & drag , like Koha MySQL database file and restore it.. Your old koha database will be there at server.. Now start working on it.

Thank You...........

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