Install Koha, DSpace on Google Cloud Platform

Go to -- Google Could Platform create an account with your personal details, credit card information, and make payment. It costs rupee One only for the twelve months trial. after the trial, you will be charged an amount based on your usage.

After creating an account you will be reached at google cloud platform dashboard from where you can manage your entire server.

Step-1 Create VM Instance

Go to Home -- Compute Engine (Compute Engine lets you use virtual machines that run on Google's infrastructure. Create micro-VMs or larger instances running Debian, Windows, or other standard images. Create your first VM instance, import it using a migration service, or try the quickstart to build a sample app.)-- VM Instance -- create Compute Engine VM Instance

You will be prompted into VM Instance interface where you have to create an Instance providing instance name,selecting region,zone etc.

Step- 2 Machine -type

Here you can customize and select cores, memory and GPUs select - 2vCPU (at least)

Step- 3 Select Boot disk

From here you can either choose Debian/Ubuntu or any other Linux flavor. eg: Debian

Step- 4 Identity and API access

Nothing has to do leave it.

Step-5 Access Scopes

Choose Allow default access

Step-7 Firewall

Add tags and firewall rules to allow specific network from the internet. select both Allow HTTP traffic and Allow HTTPS traffic and click create button. Your instance is ready..
You can find server ip address under External IP in the instance details

Step-7 Connect to server

Connect to google cloud server by clicking Connect near to External IP. Now you will be prompted into a new window showing you are connecting to the server.
connecting to server

Probably after 40 second you will be entered into server as a instance user. Now you need to log in as a root user then only you will be able to install koha in server. for that please execute this command.

sudo su

logged into server
Now you are logged as root.. Install Koha, or DSpace 

Access Koha & DSpace Hosted at Google cloud server

Koha     Staff Client     OPAC


NB: If you are not able to access koha (Your ip with port 8080) after successful installation. Create a new firewall rule for the port. for that, just do below steps
Home > Networking > VPC network > Firewall rules

Create Firewall Rule
Name : firewall-8080 (ADD THIS-1)
Description (Optional)
Logs:  Off
Network: default
Priority: 1000
Direction of traffic : Ingress
Action on match : Allow
Targets: All instances in the network (SELECT THIS-2)
Target tags:
Source filter : IP ranges
Source IP ranges :
Second source filter: none
Protocols and ports : Allow all
Specified protocols and ports 
tcp : 8080 (ADD THIS-3)
Click on Create button

Thank You.....

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