How To Configure E-Mail Settings In DSpace

Whenever any document is submitted in DSpace or whenever any error occurs , DSpace itself will triger emails and sends the information to the administartor or to the submitter if we enable email fecility in DSpace. This fecility will also help users from outside to register by themself and submit document (if they are created as authorised users). Inorder to enable
Open  Applications > Accessories > Terminal and execute following commands. and make changes in the file
sudo gedit /dspace/config/dspace.cfg 

##### Email settings ######

# SMTP mail server (allows DSpace to send email notifications)
mail.server =
# SMTP mail server authentication username and password (if required)
mail.server.username =maheshpalamuttath
mail.server.password =Abcd123

# SMTP mail server alternate port (defaults to 25)
mail.server.port = 465

# From address for mail
# All mail from the DSpace site will use this 'from' address
mail.from.address =

# Name of a pre-configured Session object to be fetched from a directory.
# This overrides the Session settings above. If none can be found, then DSpace
# will use the above settings to create a Session. = Session

# When feedback is submitted via the Feedback form, it is sent to this address
# Currently limited to one recipient!
feedback.recipient =
# General site administration (Webmaster) e-mail
# System notifications/reports and other sysadmin emails are sent to this address
mail.admin =

# Recipient for server errors and alerts (defaults to mail.admin)
alert.recipient = ${}

# Recipient for new user registration emails (defaults to unspecified)
#registration.notify =

# Set the default mail character set. This may be overridden by providing a line
# inside the email template "charset: <encoding>", otherwise this default is used.
mail.charset = UTF-8

# A comma-separated list of hostnames that are allowed to refer browsers to email forms.
# Default behaviour is to accept referrals only from dspace.hostname
mail.allowed.referrers = ${dspace.hostname}

# Pass extra settings to the Java mail library. Comma-separated, equals sign between
# the key and the value. For example:
mail.extraproperties = mail.smtp.socketFactory.port=465, \
#, \
# mail.smtp.socketFactory.fallback=false

# An option is added to disable the mailserver. By default, this property is set to false
# By setting mail.server.disabled = true, DSpace will not send out emails.
# It will instead log the subject of the email which should have been sent
# This is especially useful for development and test environments where production data is used when testing functionality.
#mail.server.disabled = false

Restart Tomcat server 

cd /opt/tomcat/bin/

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