How to Configure Koha-Plugin-Carousel

This plug-in allows you to generate a carousel from one of your lists and then inserts the generated code in the OpacMainUserBlock preference displaying it on the homepage carousel. The code will be defined in the HTML code at the start and end tags of the carousel. The code is inserted at the Start and End tags of the carousel. This plug-in also provides the option to configure a default setting, the text color and the background. 

Step 1
Please download the Carousel Plugin kpz file from the link -
Step 2
To set up the Koha plugin system you must first make some changes to your installation.

sudo gedit /etc/koha/sites/library/koha-conf.xml

In the xml file Change <enable_plugins>0<enable_plugins> to 

Confirm that the path to <pluginsdir> exists, is correct, and is writable by the web server in the same file.

Restart your webserver & reboot using the command -

sudo service apache2 restart

sudo reboot

Enable “UseKohaPlugins” under systempreferences

Step 3
Create a New Arrival Public List and add the barcode / accession numbers of the newly arrived books in the library. Please ensure that accession number of the documents has proper ISBN Number.  

Step 4
Configure the Plugin  under plugin tool module
Select the list you have created and change the color of text and background and apply configuration

Step 5
Run the PluginNow go to Tools – Plugin – Run the plugin and generate carousel.

Step 6
Check the Carousel in OPAC

NB: You can get the barcode numbers of Newely added items using below SQL syntax

 SELECT b.biblionumber, i.Barcode, SUBSTRING_INDEX(m.isbn, ' ', 1) AS isbn, b.title
  FROM items i
  LEFT JOIN biblioitems m USING (biblioitemnumber)
  LEFT JOIN biblio b ON (i.biblionumber=b.biblionumber)
  WHERE DATE_SUB(CURDATE(),INTERVAL 15 DAY) <= i.dateaccessioned AND m.isbn IS NOT NULL AND m.isbn != ''
  GROUP BY biblionumber
  HAVING isbn != ""
  LIMIT 30

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