Grammarly : An AI- Powered Writing Assistant

When it comes to writing nobody is perfect, that's because we are all humans, that's why a second eye check can really help us. but we do not always find somebody who can do that for us. This post will show you how Grammarly works and what it offers to us. 

Billions of people are studying English worldwide, and a quarter of the world's population speaks at least some English. so it is important that what we write makes sense to others. with grammarly it is going to be a cakewalk when it comes to writing with confidence as it suggests, spelling error, grammar checks like magic. It works on any website if you enable it. Grammarly is an Artificial Intelligence-powered writing assistant. It comes in different flavors.

  • Browser extension
  • Web application
  • Microsoft addin
  • Desktop application
  • Mobile keyboard
Web Application

With web applications, you can either write directly or upload a document to proofread and correct your editing. once you start writing, It will give you correction options and grammar checks done within the document. There is an advanced issue which is a premium option, which will give punctuation. But the basic/free version is enough for us to proceed further. 

MSOffice addin

It is a great addition to our word document and outlook. It can help while writing emails to everyone and avoid embarrassing mistakes in the email. The best part of Grammarly is not just checking grammar or spelling, among other services, but it also helps you to learn and improve our writing on-the-go, as it suggests options that you can learn in real-time. The addin can be downloaded from here. After installing, you can see a new button under the home tab and also a new tab created within the word document for Grammarly. it has toggle buttons that you can choose and select the specific writing issues you want Grammarly to check. there are seven categories of checks you want to run on your document- but not all these are available in the free version, eg: plagiarism check is available only with a premium account. with a simple click on the alert cards, you will get four options

  • Accept alert
  • Learn more
  • Add to dictionary
  • Ignore alert
With a premium account, you will get around thirteen options.

Browser extension & Desktop application

Both these work more or less in the same way, The browser extension once installed, aits inside your browser and this can help write without errors o the social media websites like when you comment facebook post, blog post, write an email within your Gmail account, anywhere else on the internet.

Now by the popular request, Grammarly has even a Grammarly keyboard for mobile. that can be used on android and apple phones. although they are not perfect yet, with some issues, they are nevertheless available and improving every single day. since I have been using its mobile version too and I do recommend you to use it.

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