Send Bulk Email Notifications to Users using Koha Emailer Plugin

You can send bulk email notifications to your library users using Koha's emailer plugin for that, do the following

1. Enable the Koha plugin system

sudo gedit /etc/koha/sites/library/koha-conf.xml

In the xml file Change

<enable_plugins>0<enable_plugins> to

2. Download the Emailer Plugin kpz file.

Sample Message ' Collect Student Library Card - reg.'

3. Go to: Koha Home › Tools › Tool plugins› Upload Plugin 'Patron Emailer.kpz'

4. Plugin 'Patron Emailer' Click Actions 'Configure'

Copy and paste the following queries in the email text.

        [% surname %] ([% cardnumber %]),
[% messages %]

User Name: [% username %]
Password: [% password %]

Verify the message that you want to send

5. Type your message and Save the results as .csv format (Download Sample Format)

6. Plugin 'Patron Emailer' Click Actions 'Run tool' (choose file)

7. Please upload your messages.csv file and  click 'Send Emails'

8. Check your Gmail account 'Sent list' (Your Message Successfully sent)

For Book Overdue Message

        [% surname %] [% cardnumber %],
Title of the Book:  [% title %]
Author: [% author %]
Barcode: [% barcode %]
Book Due Date: [% DateofDue %] 
No of days overdue: [%daysoverdue %] 
[% LibraryName %] 


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