Install Numix theme and icons in Debian

Numix is one of the most beautiful themes set for Linux desktop. It was initially created in 2013-14 and since then, it’s become a host favorite among Linux users. There have been many new beautiful icon themes for Linux lately but Numix remains an evergreen hit. Its flat approach gives a fresh look to your desktop. This was the reason why several Linux distributions used to ship with Numix as the default theme. Unlike Ubuntu, there is no Personal Package Archives (PPA) repository for Numix theme and icons in Debian instead we can install it via Git

Step 1: Install Git

sudo apt update

If it shows  unmet dependencies execute this

apt --fix-broken install

sudo apt install git

Step 2: Create a Directory called Numix

mkdir numix

Step 3: Change into Numix directory

cd numix

Step 4: Clone numix theme, icons execute this one by one

git clone

git clone

git clone

Step 4: Open hidden directories in the home

Please make sure there are directories called .icons .themes if no, create those

mkdir .icons .themes

Step 5: Move Numix-Circle, Numix-Circle-Light and Numix directories from numix/numix-icon-theme-circle and numix-icon-theme respectively into the .icons directory as non-root user

sudo mv numix/numix-icon-theme-circle/Numix-Circle/ /home/mahesh/.icons
sudo mv numix/numix-icon-theme-circle/Numix-Circle-Light/ /home/mahesh/.icons
sudo mv numix/numix-icon-theme/Numix/ /home/mahesh/.icons

Step 6: Move numix-gtk-theme from numix into the .themes directory

sudo mv numix/numix-gtk-theme/ /home/mahesh/.themes

Step 7: Install Unity-Tweak-Tool if not,

sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool

Using unity-tweak-tool you can change themes, icons, etc


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