Add a chat widget on your Koha’s OPAC

For the three days, I have been on a work of data migration of Kerala Judicial Academy Library, They were using a proprietary library management software. After the successful migration of complete data (22,073 records), one of the staff of Kerala Judicial Academy Library. Mr. Nishad, who is a dynamic library professional having a very good perception of how an innovative library should be. Currently, he is the cataloguer, asked me how can we have a chatting facility in our koha's OPAC? and If it is possible, we will be able to interact with our library visitors in real-time. and I told him that, there are a lot of chat tools/widgets are available including paid and opensource that can be used to fulfill your need. and I suggested one of them "". is a free messaging app to monitor and chat with the visitors on your website, mobile app or from a free customizable page. you can also use Live helper chat (an Open Source alternative). Following are the steps by which you can also configure a chat widget on your Koha’s OPAC
NB: To configure this widget our Koha must be available on internet/cloud

Create an account in 

Here you should provide your site name and Koha OPAC url

Create a team member giving an email address and password
Step: 4
At the end of signing up, you will get a javascript.

Step: 5

Once you  have that Javascript code you need to add it on your Koha. for that, connect to the Koha Staff Interface and then go to Koha Administration > Global system preferences > OPAC opacuserJS. and add the code given by and saved your preference modification, you should see a chat window on the bottom left or right of your OPAC.Once connected on your chat interface you will be able to interact with your visitors in real-time. for that you can also download android application from Google play store to mange administrative activities at everywhere.
See OPAC with chat widget on

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