Install Dropbox Client on any Linux Server

Dropbox is an online storage service and it offers 2 GB free storage space. "Dropbox allows users to create a special folder on their computers, which Dropbox then synchronizes so that it appears to be the same folder (with the same contents) regardless of which device is used to view it. Files placed in this folder are also accessible via the Dropbox website and mobile apps". It is similar to drive cline, but nowadays installing drive with its repository has become obsolete.


Enter the following command to download Dropbox on the system. It will create .dropbox-dist in the HOME directory.
sudo su

cd ~ && wget -O - " | tar xzf -"

sudo apt install libc6 libglapi-mesa libxdamage1 libxfixes3 libxcb-glx0 libxcb-dri2-0 libxcb-dri3-0 libxcb-present0 libxcb-sync1 libxshmfence1 libxxf86vm1 -y

You will get an output with lin, Now open the link in your favorite browser. Note you can also open the above link on any other system.

Enter username and password and Sign In to the account. Once the server connects to the Dropbox account you can see a result saying that your computer is now linked Dropbox with a folder named Dropbox in your home directory.

To check

ls Dropbox

It’s time to install Dropbox CLI (Dropbox Command Line Interface). Dropbox CLI requires Python should be installed. Enter the following commands to install Python and Dropbox CLI.
sudo apt install python

sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/dropbox ""

sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/dropbox

List all commands available with Dropbox CLI by typing:


Check the status of dropbox by typing

dropbox status

If Dropbox is not active then start service by running following command

dropbox start


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