Batch Importing of Bitstreams in Dspace

Often we may want to upload bulk bit-steam (E-contents) to DSpace rather than uploading it one by one and which can be possible by creating an archive folder that contains both metadata and bit-streams. Here is the method how to do that.

Make sure the followings are installed on your system

  1. Java JDK
  2. Maven
  3. Git
  4. SAFBuilder


Create a spreadsheet (.csv) with the following columns:

  • filename for the bitstream/file
  • metadata with namespace.element.(qualifer). Examples would be: dc.description or


Open Applications > Accessories > Terminal and Execute the command

sudo apt install default-jdk maven git

Install SAFBuilder to generate an ItemImport package:

git clone

cd SAFBuilder

./ -c src/yourfolder/nameofspreadsheet.csv -z



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