Macubuntu BIGSur 2021 Released

Macbuntu is an open-source program, designed to transform Linux’s appearance and layout into a Mac OS X environment. Although Macbuntu is dedicated to Ubuntu Linux OS, it could be used in other OS based on Debian/GTK.

Those people who like to have their Ubuntu Linux look like MacOS appearance can download the latest ISO image so that they do not need to spend much time on customizing os. It is a readymade image you just want to download, burn into DVD/USB and install on your physical computer.

New features: Newly added applications and configurations: Kernel 5.10.14 Stable xanmod, OBS Studio, OpenShot Video Editor, Compiz Fusion, and Emerald Window manager WhatsApp messenger are integrated. Ubuntu 20.04.2 its latest version iso file used ubuntu renewed.

  1. WhiteSUR theme icon packs, macosx mouse cursor, original hd wallpapers added.
  2. The XFCE Desktop interface provides comfortable and fast use for any computer.
  3. Login, Boot screens have been changed using Plymouth macosx files.
  4. Neofetch distro name changed to Macbuntu, Apple logo fixed default
  5. Old kernel files and remnants were cleaned, the new modified kernel was applied up-to-date and fast attack. Removing some apps that come on top of the distribution that is not usually used for the first user. Useful basic components and applications are defined in the system and integrated directly. The system is Live, Legacy, and EFI.



  • Linux ubuntu operating system like macbuntu macosx, macbuntu on Xubuntu amd64 bit OS.
  • Includes necessary tools for first and end-users after installation.
  • You can run the system in Live, CD, or installation form.
  • Open source, minimal structure components that meet the basic requirements are included.
  • Macbuntu is for everyone, daily trading, etc. It is a fast system that can be installed.
  • It is recommended to print by USB disk bootable methods.
  • Please check the md5 hash value of the downloaded iso file.
  • Installed quickly and conveniently by running from the desktop with the Ubiquity installer.
  • It is recommended to apply updates to your system when connected to the Internet.
  • Customized by me is Xfce desktop work. It is a fast attack and series!
  • Googlechrome,Qbittorrent,Filezilla,Firefox,AdobeFlashplayer,Wps office 2019,Evulationmailreader added.
  • VLC Media player, Clementine Music player, Vokoscreen Screen recording Windows fonts may be required for office application and net content. The system is integrated and printed.
  • General System applications: TimeShift, Synaptic, Ufw Firewall, Htop, Quake Slide Terminal F12, Stacer, Bleachbit, and more.
  • Plank Dock comes default with a sub taskbar, Full HD Macosx wallpapers, WhiteSurthemewithicon packs, MacMojave Cursor Cursor extras are also included.
  • The basic ones of video and audio codec components were added. It can easily play video and audio media in all known formats
  • Root as / administrator login, Stazer cleaning and performance tools system was installed and quick shortcut commands were added to the desktop right-click shell menu.
  • Macbuntu operating system xanmod latest version has fast kernel integrated
  • Macbuntu is a customized Ubuntu Linux distribution for those who love the macOS interface
  • Macbuntu is a very ideal system for processors with a minimum of 1GB ram and x64 bit architecture.
  • MozillaFirefox,OBSStudio,Vokoscreen,OpenShotVideoEditor,SublimetextEditor
  • 3D Compiz Fusion, Emerald with theme packs all settings configured!
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