Install Debian with Netinst ISO

A network install or netinst ISO is a minimal image (generally 180-450 MB) which enables you to install the entire operating system with the package you want especially the desktop environment (GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon, MATE, LXQt and XFCE). This method of installing Debian requires an internet connection either via Ethernet or  WLAN (with some restrictions). Installing Debian itself is being difficult among the newbies of the Linux world. But once you began using Debian you will never go back to other OS like Ubuntu and its derivates. 


Those who want minimal and fast computing can make use of the netinst method of Installing Debian. As I am a fan of both Debian and XFCE, I always do install using the Netinst method, The following YouTube video can be useful to you for staring Debian

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Download ISO

For Unofficial Non-free Firmware ISO

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